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Since many years DETTAGLI FIRENZE produces and deals with high quality pendants mostly addressed to lighting sector.

Our most important target is getting customer’s satisfaction. As a matter of fact we produce pendants in different shapes and colours meeting present demand and bringing forward future tendency. A careful selection of raw materials together with production cycle’ s control through minute quality tests, allow us to get and deal with a unique and high emotional range of products able to catch the interest of all the people that, as we usually do, are looking for objects fit to make their dreams come true.
Our products mark out thanks to their original shapes and wide range of colours not easily available on the market, moreover our collection is the result of continuous and periodical minute tests in order to get the highest quality.
The success gained during these last years also originates from constant efforts to get a growing customer’s satisfaction, this is the reason why we offer:      

  • a specific production turned to fashion and gift items' sector.
  • a wide stock were you can find more than 900 items.
  • the possibility of getting any kind of article’s personalization.


Our collection is composed by three big families:

This section is dedicated to handmade pendants created by glass-makers’ experience. Thanks to their capacity and our sensibility we built up a unique collection where art and design are blending them together in order to generate a range of products full of colours and shapes very suitable for classic and modern style.

Pendants made of glass paste (not painted) strictly cut by hand.
Respecting most known shapes, we are able to supply them in six different colours and various dimensions, (some of them can also be produced with a minimum high of 500 mm), always getting an excellent connection between price and quality.

Cut crystal is the most important item of this collection. Each hand-cut pendant, available in ten different colours, is the result of a careful raw material’s selection as well as of minute grounding and finishing techniques.
Our precision and care in cleanliness cut process creates numerous play and reflection of light, placing our crystal as one of the most appreciated and popular on the market.

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